About Us

Modern Coast Courier Limited is a local and regional delivery service. Usually concentrate on delivering small and large shipments. By sending a shipment by courier, the sender ensures that it reaches it's destination within 24 hours.  Typically courier services are used to transport original and legal documents, critical time sensitive documents, large multipage documents, blueprints, tax documents and securities. We also pick up and deliver other type of goods.

Modern Coast Courier Limited offers reliable services within Kenya and Eastern Africa. Modern Coast Courier Ltd takes a proactive approach towards business; believe that our integrity, dedication, competitive rates and superior customer service sets the standards for others in our industry. We have become the preferred courier to many businesses and individuals. At MCCL we pride ourselves on personalized service and our commitment to our customers. MCCL offers an extensive list of transportation choices to better serve our customers needs.  We focus on quality assurance, integrating the best technology and hiring trained employees.  This allows us to consistently provide the best courier service in Kenya.
MCCL offers unbelievable rates, partnering with many businesses to save them both money and time. We have grown to be an asset to both individuals and businesses.